Good Things

These are some of my favorite people, websites, and brands that I look to for inspiration…..
  • “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon

I call this my “cooking Bible”. This thick cookbook includes far, far more than simply recipes. It is an educational essential and explains the basics of how and why to create bone broth, soak and activate nuts, legumes and grains, and why fat is your friend. I cannot say enough amazing things about it. Once you spend enough time delving into its ideas and tips you can change any recipe to make it healthy!

Katie Riddle has created a blog full of honesty, good food and family life. She and her husband Jeremy have five children and homestead in Northern California. Many of her recipes and meal plans are based around “Nourishing Traditions” ideals. I especially admire her capability to feed her family in a healthy, easy, and economic fashion. Not everyone has hours every day to prepare wonderful food!
  • Lorna Jane

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This Australian legend has created an epic line of woman’s workout clothing with a company that began out of her garage. Spanning far beyond simply athletic apparel, her brand aims to inspire women everywhere. Her website and books are full of motivation, delicious recipes and fun ideas to live life to its fullest.

This is the website for the Weston A. Price organization. Dr. Weston Price spent his life studying the diets of many traditional people groups, learning about their health, habits and longevity. It is his work that “Nourishing Traditions” is based off of. This website includes much useful information, recipes, videos and support. It advocates for “Wise Traditions in food, farming and the healing arts.”
  • Pioneer Woman, aka Ree Drummond


Pioneer Woman has a fantastic collection of cookbooks, a blog, cooking show and now even a restaurant and hotel in Oklahoma! Starting out as a city girl, she met a cowboy, fell in love, moved to the country and never looked back! What began as a simple blog has now grown into something that is a common household name. Her recipes are funny, full of quality photos and exceedingly useful. I credit her help with teaching me how to create things like tasty short ribs, pot roast and more. I recommend checking out any products that she has that interest you.


*Not every single thing in these books, websites and podcasts is something I fully endorse or support, but overall the messages are amazing!*